The tool that facilitates and radically reduces the time and effort to lay hose over long distances and large slopes

The hose has to pass inside the guide bracket containing the extendable arm. The end of the hose is connected to the water pump and the helicopter starts to move to unroll the meters of hose in the area of the fire where it is required




  • Fire hose system deployment from the helicopter. It consists of a light and resistant support structure that hanging from the helicopter can load a hose reel with hoses up to 500 meters long.
  • The structure allows easy and safe release of the hose reel so that a new one can be unloaded and loaded with coiled hoses to continue extending the line.
  • The structure has a braking system so that the pilot has control of the speed. At the exit end there is a cushioning system for the  assage of the fittings that join the hose sections and that maintains the position of the  eliwinder during deployment

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